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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 16, 2010 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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royal caribbean international. cruises from baltimore and new jersey. visit today. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this morning, heading home. all but two of the chilean miners are going home. one seeing his baby girl for the first time. joyous reunions and street parties all around. heavy hitters. obama, clinton, palin and mccain. big guns in both parties are campaigning hard this weekend. can they push their candidates to victory? party parents. police break up a house party with nearly 500 teens. some of them drinking. some even went to the hospital.
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the parents who were there the whole time are being charged by police. and celebrity talk stalking. a new website makes its easier than ever to track your favorite celebrities' whereabouts. now, stars are saying it makes stalking even easier. does it go too far? such a big news morning. we decided to wear matching outfits. >> we're going with the gray look this morning. three days later, it's heart warming to watch the video of the miners coming out one by one. such an incredible story. >> also, big news from your beat, the business world, this morning. big fish in the mortgage mess, paying a big fine. the largest ever for a ceo. the co-founder of countrywide financial has agreed to pay $67 million to settle with the federal government. he was one of the most vilified
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in the mortgage mess. he's the first to pay up personally. also, brain injuries are often hard to detect, even fatal before doctors know that something is seriously wrong. but the army may have come up with a simple blood test that could make detection a lot easier. could this be a life-saver for soldiers, athletes or anyone who has an accident? >> some skepticism in the medical world this morning. plus, check out who is getting involved in the jon stewart/stephen colbert rally in washington, d.c. oprah is giving free bus rides. if you hold a rally for people who don't like rallies, will anybody show up? >> big news if oprah is involved in a story. we begin with the happy homecoming for the chilean miners. all but two of them got to sleep in their own bed for the first time in two months. neal karlinsky got the latest from copiapo. >> reporter: just imagine a
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personal party for nearly every one of the miners. huge, treat street parties. quite a contrast from where they came from. and something they have to get used to. overnight, the reunions that the whole country is waiting for. carlos barrios seemed to be in the process of shaking every hand in town when we spoke with him. and he may have put it best. i never expected to be received like this, he said. it was calmer for us down in the mine than it is up here. across town, his former roommate underground was popping champagne. esteban rojas was the 18th miner to be rescued. it was a scene repeated over and over, throughout the region, well into the night. but there was serious talk, too. edison pena is nicknamed the runner for the six-mile runs he would take inside the mine. i'm angry, he says, blaming the
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mine's owners. then, there was this. never-before-seen video of miners being treated on-site following the rescue. and the unforgettable moment when ariel meets his daughter for the first time. she was born while he was trapped. her name, esperanza, hope in spanish. the local health minister says, celebrations aside, the mental health of the famous 33 is what's most important now. >> we are concerned, now, obviously, with their psychological status. this time, it's going to be very hard for them, with the readaptation. life will never again be the same. >> reporter: many of the miners are still having some difficulties. doctors here told us at least one wakes up in the morning and still thinks that he is down inside the mine. others are having a hard time telling the difference between
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day and night and readjusting to life above ground. bianna? >> neal, we know that the miners have said they would remain united. any deals or ventures that come their way to tell their story. any sense we may see a rift in that union? >> reporter: well, they're going to have a lot of trouble keeping together. there are 33 of them. they live far apart. right now, they've been together the whole time. but once they're at home, they get uneven attention. hard for them to stick to that pact, bianna. >> thanks, neal. >> all right. thank you. we have big news this morning about a man some consider to be the heavily-tanned face of the mortgage mess. his name is anglo mozilo. he's the exceo of countrywide financial. he would pay the largest penalty ever for an executive. he'll be shelling out $67.5 million to settle fraud charges. meg oliver is here to break down
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the deals of this agreement. >> reporter: this is historic. anglo mozilo was slapped with the largest-ever s.e.c. penalty for an executive. the s.e.c. charged mozilo for misleading investors about the credit risk. all this as the subprime mortgage crisis emerged. investors were sure that countrywide was a stable mortgage lender. but in reality, countrywide was on the verge of imploding, with risky loans, defaults. and the s.e.c. a has alleged that mozilo was involved in insider trading. it comes before the federal trial was to begin next tuesday in los angeles. mozilo is not alone. two other countrywide executives will also pay penalties. mozilo will not confirm or deny any wrongdoing in the case. a huge fall from grace. >> where does the money go? and what happens next to mozilo
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himself? >> reporter: the money will go to investors. they should see a significant financial relief, as far as shareholders go. mozilo has been banned from becoming a director or an officer of a publicly-traded company. but a lot of people want to know who is actually paying all of this? it looks like he was protected by employee contracts against lawsuits. so, it looks like the bank will pay for most of it. it's hard to believe there's 17 days to go before the high-stakes midterm elections. that has some high-profile names blazing the campaign trail to boost candidates in key races. president obama is in boston, campaigning for the massachusetts governor. tomorrow, he and mrs. obama will be in ohio. and bill clinton, john mccain and sarah palin are all stumping in california. david kerley is mapping it all from washington. >> reporter: good morning. you will see the most powerful politicians, as you mentioned, out on the road, at work this
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weekend. for the democrats, the big stars are on the road. they are the political headliners. the heavyweights. clinton in california last night. >> we've got to get through this very tough spot. >> reporter: obama and biden, crisscrossing the country. delaware friday. >> and two years ago, you said, yes, we can. >> reporter: it's boston today. and for the first time since his election, campaigning tomorrow in ohio with the first lady. >> we've come much too far to turn back now. >> reporter: with some states already voting early, the sprint is on, with candidates in tight races, hoping a high-profile visit by the president or former president might help. >> we've been there before. and we're not going back. we're moving forward, not backward. >> reporter: clinton and obama are tag-teaming. the former president, showing up in states where mr. obama is unpopular. and in the final days, sarah palin is in high demand. >> november 2nd is right around
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the corner. i can see it from my house. >> reporter: but not for every republican. neither gubernatorial candidate, meg whitman, nor the senate candidate will be appearing with her today in california. >> they want to appeal to independent voters. they do not want to look like they're beholden either to the tea party concept or to sarah palin. >> reporter: but a new analysis found that the tea party may be a force to reckon with after election day. half of the tea party candidates running for the house are poised to win. that could mean up to 35 seats, a tea party bloc in the house. maybe they will be able to caucus, as well. those that are handicapping these races, sources say democrats look to lose control of the house. the races are tightening. but republicans are still ahead in most of the races. what impact will the movers and shakers have down the home stretch. well, john alvin joins us now. >> good morning. >> talk about the tea party. question, if they win all of the
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races they're expected to, how much power will they ultimately wield in washington? >> they could have considerable influence. they could help set the agenda and bring more fiscal conservatism to politics in america. right now, they've been running an opposition. they've been demonizing democrats. will they have the ability to work with them and play a constructive role to move the agenda. or will they be in opposition mode? to which case, they will be loud, but ineffective. >> sarah palin and john mccain are campaigning in california. there are people that are shunning her there. is that a surprise? >> like meg whitman and carly fiorina. it is not a surprise. you have to win general elections, especially in california. while she's going to be deployed to a lot of conservative rallies, the leading candidates for governor and senator don't want anywhere near her.
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>> let's turn to delaware. a lot of people were wondering why the president and vice president were stumping there. >> that was a weird call. it was really effectively a victory lap. first of all, joe biden wants coons to win. christine o'donnell is the epitome of the candidate they want to run against. democrats want christine o'donnell to symbolize all republicans this year. they know they can beat her. she reaffirms all of the worst stereotypes of the tea party. that's why they went there. >> and we can't finish the segment without bringing up bill clinton. hasn't been in office in nearly ten years. and yet, he seems to be the campaigner of choice here. >> he absolutely is. this is a big deal. it's hard to remember. but he won west virginia. he won kentucky. he has the ability to connect to the bubble vote that democrats need. they are hemorrhaging white, working-class voters. bill clinton has the ability to
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appeal to them. and also win over moderates and the middle-class, who win all elections in america. that's why bill clinton is still the big campaigner. >> and it's never dull to watch bill clinton. john avalon, thanks for joining us. >> and good use of the word kryptonite in a sentence. we check the other stories with ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. just three days after the chilean miners were freed, news of two, serious mine accidents elsewhere. in china, at least 20 miners were killed in a mine explosion south of beijing. that blast trapped 17 workers. in ecuador, 4 miners are trapped almost 500 feet underground after a mine collapse there. there could be peace talks in afghanistan that could include the taliban. coalition forces have allowed taliban officials to go to kabul to meet with other officials. but the talks are preliminary at this point. and botox has been approved
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as a treatment for migraine headaches. patients who have migraines at least 15 days in a month. doctors would inject patients every 12 weeks to dull the pain of the migraine attacks. and the last of ponzi schemer bernie madoff's mansions have been sold off. 8,800-square-foot home went for $5.6 million. it was bought by a california couple. officials seized the properties in new york, florida and france, after madoff was arrested. proceeds will go to madoff's victims. it was yogi berra that said it ain't over until it's over. that's the case last night. as the yankees staged a stunning comeback from five runs down to beat the texas rangers. alex rodriguez scored the go-ahead run as the yankees rallied to score five runs in the eighth inning of game one of the american league championship series. game two is this afternoon. dan, none of your red sox negativity.
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>> as a guy from boston, i refuse to celebrate the yankee victory. >> for the rangers? >> no. all the regional loyalty coming out this morning. we want to go out to minneapolis. we have a shoutout from minneapolis. chikage windler is here. >> great to be back. we have to start with the weather that's happening here and now through the northeast. currently outside, it is starting to wind down. but not until after a foot of snow or more fell in the green mountains of vermont. pictures from killington, where i have a feeling that ski season will get an early start. take a look. it's just october. and the snow has been flying. the snow's tapering, as well. the winds are starting to diminish. after seeing wind gusts in the 40-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour range yesterday. today, winds up to 40 miles per hour. it will be a breezy but dry and pleasant day.
7:15 am
normally warm for the upper midwest. the twin >> good morning washington. no mistaking the season out there this morning. temperatures in the upper 40's and lower 50's. winds pick up throughout the day. yesterday's high temperature, of 5. we should do about the same today. mostly sundayy and breezy. 63-67. winds could and next half hour, we'll look at some of the wind damage from the nor'easter. dan? >> thanks, chikage. there's been a major breakthrough in diagnosing life-threatening head injuries. we're talking about hard-to-detect concussions or
7:16 am
brain trauma that affects young athletes, babies, or combat troops. the army has come up with the test. but some people in the medical community are skeptical. we brought in physical medical specialist, dr. ian smith. he's in chicago to tell us more about this. dr. smith, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. >> simply, how does this test work? >> the idea is very simple. you take a very simple blood test, like you would for anything else. get a blood count. but they're looking for a particular protein they think will spill into the blood after your nerve cells are damaged. we have a similar already test for heart disease, to see if someone has suffered a heart attack. look for the protein. the protein will let us know whether someone who looks normal and may be talking normal, has suffered a concussion. >> just to repeat it to make sure i got it. if we have some sort of head injury, signs of that can show up in our blood. and you're saying the tests would tell doctors whether we've had a serious or some sort of head injury that should be
7:17 am
checked out further. you've called this potentially revolutionary. why? >> well, because so many people, 1.4 million brain injuries a year at least. so many people walk around who have had concussions. and while they look fine and we don't think anything is wrong, concussions can have something called a postconcussion syndrome. you have cumulative damage. one concussion, then another. all that could lead to damage and epilepsy. that's why the nfl is so serious about quarterbacks and concussive injuries. why this is revolutionary now, is if we can do the simple blood test, those that we suspect have mild to moderate trauma, we can test them and say, they suffered a concussion. and therefore, take a restrictive approach to future activity or at least supervise them and monitor them much better. >> this will be important for high school athletes. i was struck by one of the military scientists who came up with the test. he said it will, quote, change
7:18 am
medicine entirely. that says there is skepticism in the medical community. why is that? >> i like to use the word cautiously optimistic. this was a rather small study. only 34 patients. the second part, it has never been published. when scientific evidence is revolutionary of this size, you want to see it in a well-regarded journal, like "the journal of the american medical association," or "the journal of medicine." they're not reporting on it. other scientists and doctors have not had a chance to look at it, study it and analyze it. we remain cautiously optimistic. we're hoping for a bigger study and more transparency on what they did to get the results. >> great to have you on, dr. smith. >> thanks, dan. >> so interesting. so much in the medical community doesn't understand the brain. that's promising, indeed. want to switch gears now. jon stewart and stephen colbert have oprah's endorsement for their rally on the washington mall. can two comedians really pull in
7:19 am
the same crowds as tea party conservatives? here's karen travers. >> look under your seat. you're going to the rally. >> reporter: the talk show queen is referring to jon stewart and sooechb stephen colbert's rally to restore sanity and/or fear. >> i'm really excited about it. i think we need more sanity in the world. >> it would be nice. >> reporter: it's an answer to glenn beck's rally, restoring honor. stewart's goal is to bring together in the exact same place the moderates whose voices are not heard because, as he says, they're too busy to scream and shout. >> there's millions of people at home who have to mow the lawn. who have -- they have things to do. >> reporter: the format of the event is still unknown. >> jon stewart is first and foremost a comedian. he's going for the punch line. but there's substance to the humor. >> reporter: the big question?
7:20 am
if you hold a rally for people who don't like rallies, will anyone show up? >> we believe that at least 225 people will be there. >> reporter: a lot more than that. nearly 300,000 have signed up for the event on facebook. but that doesn't mean they'll show up in person. these washington, d.c. college students said they won't miss it. >> i've gotten an incredible amount of friends saying, tell me you're going to this. >> get out there and restore some sanity. >> see you october 30th, on the national mall, spreading the timeless message. take it down a natch. >> reporter: for "good morning america," karen travers, abc news, washington. >> i think it's interesting to watch his evolution from dmeedian to quasi political figure. >> and people don't know whether to take him seriously. but he makes us laugh. >> i'm su not sure she knows. upwards of 500 underaged kids booze it up at a ritzcy
7:21 am
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coming up, the story of a party in florida. 400 -- upwards of 400 and 500 teens show up for this party. the parents are in jail now. we'll get to the bottom of this story. also, there's a new website that tells you exactly where celebrities are at any given moment. the question is, is this an invasion of their privacy? [ woman #4 ] the guilt. [ man ] my sleep just isn't right. [ woman #5 ] i'm so anxious. [ man #2 ] i need to focus. [ female announcer ] depression hurts. cymbalta can help with many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, you have unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain
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>> winds right now are very light. the story today is increasing winds. gusts could be 25-30 miles an hour. we were below average yesterday. tomorrow appears better. today, we have a system off the coast of maine bringing in cool air our way and windy conditions all starting to abate as we head to the overnight hours. today, 63-67. tomorrow, we'll see temperatures around
7:29 am
7:30 am
well, a party at a florida mansion lands the millionaire owners in jail. the reason? hundreds of underage kids brinking while they were there. we have the details, plus what you need to know about the parties your own teens may be attending. good morning, america. >> looked like a serious party. i'm dan harris. it's saturday, october 16th. also coming up, there's a new website that keeps track of celebrities in real-time. the founders of the site say they want to connect celebrities to their fans. but the celebrities are not very
7:31 am
happy about it. i just tweeted that bianna golodryga's on the upper west side of manhattan. >> not very happy about that, dan. we have one glimpse of what you're doing this week. "your week in three words." in towns all across the country this weekend, teenagers will be having parties. and, yes, police will be called to a few of them. but few parties will make headlines like the one that police broke up down in boca raton, florida, last weekend. police found nearly 500 teenagers drinking. and ended up arresting the parents that owned the house. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: the party, crashed. >> it's a little crazy here. >> reporter: the house, trashed. >> there is security here. but they're not doing anything. >> reporter: the kids, smashed. >> we have four kids that are passed out. >> reporter: kegs, coolers and bottles litter the pool table, the patio, even the night stand
7:32 am
of this multimillion-dollar home in boca raton, florida. the high school house party played out like a frat party. and it ended up with the parents, shlomo and genie rasabi going to jail. >> they said they didn't know there was alcohol. >> reporter: that 150 students were invited. and you had to have a wristband to get in. robin knowles lives nearby. >> i never saw anything like this. i saw the paramedics wheeling kids past my house. >> reporter: police say they found about 500 kids. many with alcohol. >> there were several buses and limousine buses and limos that pulled up, almost simultaneously and dropped off 400 or so kids. >> reporter: he says the kids arrived to the rasabis already intoxicated. >> four juveniles are
7:33 am
unconscious. >> what? where. >> all of the alcohol that was presumably consumed or possessed bety miners was brought on to the property by the teenagers. >> reporter: so, who is to blame? parents are increasingly being held criminally responsible for underage drinking. earlier this month, two mothers at two, separate florida residences were arrested after alcohol was served at their teen daughters' parties. the rasabis could talk away with a slap on the wrist because they weren't in charge of providing alcohol. they're charged with not doing enough to keep miners away from it. they pleaded not guilty. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. i want to bring in raffle blackmun, the president and ceo of the defense council that fights underage drinking. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> what are the laws? are parents legally liable in cases like this?
7:34 am
>> there's more communities that are passing their own laws. in florida, florida, of course, has a house party law, an open house party law, that could hold those adults liable if, number one, they are providing that alcohol. they know that alcohol is on the premises. but also, they're not doing anything to prevent that underage drinking. >> generally speaking, what are the penalties in these cases? can parents go to prison? >> generally, they're pretty small, given the risks that are out there. but in florida, could be about $500 fine. could be days in jail. of course, all the facts of the case have to come out. >> there is this conventional wisdom that it's better for parents to create a controlled environment for children and their friends, in which to experiment with alcohol, perhaps. do you see any logic to that? >> actually, we think that's pretty misguided.
7:35 am
they may be controlling the environment. but they're not controlling the consumption. taking somebody's keys away or even in this story, where they're talking about the buses rolling up, you're dealing with the driving part. but i can guarantee you those parents were not helping those young people make responsible decisions, you know, about alcohol. the fact is, that it's illegal to drink if you're under 21. >> so, your view, what is the right approach for parents, given that underage alcohol consumption is a fact of life in many places? >> well, any parent of a teenager that has not already spoken to their kids about alcohol, hasn't really kept up on what's going on, what their friends are doing, what their kids are doing. that's something that has to happen early. and has to be reminded. we know from all of the research, that parents have the largest influence in their kids' decisions to drink. not exerting that influence to have your kids follow the law
7:36 am
and be safe is just, kwits frankly, irresponsible and unconscionable. >> ralph blackman, thanks for coming in. now, back to ron claiborne and the morning's news. >> i like the twin gray thing going on. in the news, there will be no increase in social security benefits for the second year in a row, once again to low inflation. democrats propose a one-time $250-payment to all retired and disabled americans on social security. and weight problems are costing us twice as much as previously estimated. a new study puts obesity-related care at $168 billion or 70% of all u.s. medical costs. look at this dramatic car chase in brazil. an escaped prisoner struck cars and police officers in sao paulo. but was apprehended.
7:37 am
finally, you find yourself constantly losing your cell phone, this may not be the phone for you. this is an $8 million iphone, sold by stewart hughes. it's encrusted with diamonds and gold and platinum. it works like the regular iph e iphone. but get this. it weighs 15 pounds. time, now, for the weather. and chikage windler, from minneapolis/st. paul. >> we call it the twin cities. what we're talking about in the northeast, is the nasty nor'easter. a tree fell down injuring one person. wind gusts as high as 60 miles per hour in maine. and close to 50 miles per hour out in boston. looking at the gusts for today. they should start to diminish just a little bit. we'll see the nor'easter pull away. the low pressure weakening. that should mean the winds get in the 40-mile-per-hour range today.
7:38 am
out to the southwest we go. you can expect to see rough surf on the beaches in california. across the entire nation, dry and mild for most of us. >> good morning, washington. chilly start with temperatures in the 40's and low 50's. look for temperatures 6 #-67, mostly this weather report has been brought to you by volkswagen. dan? bianna? coming up on "good morning america," celebrity spotting for cyber stalking? the new website that the stars say is a big invasion of their privacy. plus, your turn to speak your mind. "your week in three words" coming up. ♪ another dollar
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well, if you want to keep track of your favorite celebrities, hollywood gossip sites offer instantaneous updates. >> any celebrity-spotted things on websites are hugely popular. now, there's a new website that's making it even easier to find out, not just what celebrities are doing, but where they are exactly at any given moment. and a lot of them, as you might imagine, are not happy about it. becky worley is joining us via skype with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah. it's kind of a phenomenon. you take a new, natural language search technology. you combine that with smart phones, which are getting so much more popular. they have cameras built in and gps. then, our love of celebrities. what you basically get is "in touch" magazine or "us weekly" in real-time.
7:43 am
imagine if brad pitt walked into starbucks. is that something you need to know? something you should know? folks behind the new website called think so. >> we take the latest tweet, the latest news post, the latest sighting of a celebrity, the latest blog post, anything to do with online with your favorite celebrity and pulling it in one place. >> reporter: it's a real-time celebrity tracking website that trolls social networking sites to keep toons celeb whereabouts. its globe-spotting map points you to their location. here's how it works. say you see a celeb walking down the street. you sign on to your twitter account and post, oh, my gosh. you won't believe where i just saw. alexa ray joel spotted outside "gma" studios in new york. i tweet. then, post a picture. since my location is enabled, the website is immediately able to track where we are. but where do you draw the line between gawking and stalking?
7:44 am
>> it's frightening. it's outrageous. really needs to be taken down. >> reporter: actor brian austin green agrees. >> it's an invasion of privacy. its unsafe. >> reporter: back in 2006, oscar winner george clooney went on the attack on another celebrity source. he says it violated his privacy. and then, hatched a plan to cripple the site by having friends post fake trips. remember the bling ring, charged with ransacking celebrities homes? they're accused of using the internet and twitter to track the celebrities' movements. and they used google earth to scope out their homes. >> it may be legal. but it's certainly not moral. >> reporter: says their goal is to better connect celebrities with their fans. >> the celebrities that are right now really want to get in touch with the fans. if they want to promote their book signing, or music tour, or movie, they can do that through
7:45 am
our site. >> reporter: the folks at says their database has 7,000 celebrities. and they map them all across the globe. you can forget about getting that cup of coffee in peace and quiet. >> oh. i assure you nobody cares what i do. >> and let the record show. we did have your permission to out where you are. you're in oakland, california. you allowed us to say that. >> that is true. i will consider you one of my loving fans. >> i think most people can understand that jumping in front of a celebrity with a camera is something we don't agree with. but couldn't you say it's a sign of the times to walk outside and tweet if you spot someone? ordinarily, you would have told your friend or wrote about it on your blog anyway. >> technology is blurring that line between privacy and celebrity. these are people with the past history really sought out this attention. but technology is taking it to a whole, new level. >> we'll see there is obviously
7:46 am
a big market for this right now. >> huge market. >> becky, thanks for joining us this morning. appreciate it. getting up so early for us on the west coast. >> thanks, becky. >> that's love. coming up on "good morning america," "your week in three words." ♪ [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] kleenex brand tissues are america's softest. [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] no wonder people go out of their way to share them. [ sneezes ] ♪ [ female announcer ] now it's even easier to share. [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] send a kleenex brand share package for free today at softness worth sharing. ♪ softness worth sharing. i don't lie about my age. my skin does. introducing anew platinum. an avon breakthrough. the first with paxillium technology. it's designed to help restore cell shape... skin looks more contoured...sculpted... re-defined. even your jaw line.
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o okay. so, before we go. we want to tell you about a new series we're launching. best bites college edition. ron will be traveling around to restaurants on your college campuses. >> it will be great. >> it's about what they eat on the campuses. the most fun. the most exciting. the best places. we want to know which places you think are the best. tell us on the "gma weekend" page at and you could be featured on the show. >> and i get to taste th captioned by the national captioning institute captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. taking and look at some of the stories topping the news today
7:57 am
-- >charges in the beating death may be changing. arthur zaloga was chased down and beaten to death after breaking a window at a nightclub. police sources said the medical examiner may not deem the crime and homicide all four lanes of rte. 123 are shutdown for the demolition work on the beltway. traffic is bein derailed p. now for a check of our forecast. > it is brilliant sunshine but it is cool. the dry air and the winds will be the big story today. let's show you the satellite picture. just to the north, we will
7:58 am
switch over to the other computer and show it to you print it off of the coast of maine, an outflow of that pressure system is going to give us some winds today. mostly sunny skies for today, and windy. we made it to 65 degrees yesterday. we will do better tomorrow because after dropping down into the 40's tomorrow, he will notice the difference. 70 to 73 degrees. next week, temperatures mostly in the 60's. >> thank you for watching and we hope you have a great weekend. >> thank you for watching and we hope you have a great weekend.
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